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I called the Treasure Coast Mobile Mechanic to rebuild the manual transmission in my Honda Civic, do the Timing Belt and the suspension, since rebuilding the transmission takes expertise I wanted to go with a dealer or shop that specialized in Honda transmissions, a friend with an Acura NSX recommended that I contact the mechanic he has used for a while. I was told he is an honest hard working well qualified mechanic that was factory trained by Honda, and he surpassed my expectations, he did a great job and saved me thousands of dollars, and has kept me from having another car payment, now the car is running like new. I have also used him to fix my A/C System on my Expedition and once again he has saved me tons of money.

Contact him and you will be sure to receive top notch service from a true professional.


I was referred to the Treasure Coast Mobile Mechanic from a friend with a BMW that was very happy with the work that he did on his car, rebuilding the suspension and fixing his A/C. He said he saved thousands using this guy and that he was the best there is. I wasn’t sure about using a mobile mechanic at first, but my friend used him a few times and I trust his judgment as he is a perfectionist. Upon arrival I was immediately put to ease with his experience, professionalism and credentials which he proudly showed me first thing when we met. I had him fix the suspension and A/C on my 2003 Ford Windstar, he did the work when it was convenient for me, I didn’t even have to leave the house, he was fast, courteous and clean, best of all he saved me hundreds of dollars and my car is like new again. I really appreciate his impeccable work and awesome work ethic, he gave me a professional invoice for my service records and backed his work with a one year warranty. I was blown away with the experience, I didn’t know auto repair could be this good. In the past I was always wary of getting ripped off and getting cut rate mechanics that didn’t know what they were doing, but that is all over with now.

In the future, when I need a mechanic, I know who I will be calling.


I contacted the Treasure Coast Mobile Mechanic for help with my A/C system and my transmission on my 2005 Volkswagen Jetta, a friend with a Land Rover gave me his card and highly recommended him. Now I know why, he came by my house when it was convenient for me, fixed my car carefully without making any mess. When he came over he showed me his ASE card which really put me at ease, he told me about his experience and was really impressed with what he is capable of. He is a really nice honest guy that I enjoyed hanging out with while he worked on my car, I wasn’t afraid of him messing anything up, but I couldn’t help but notice how good he was at what he does, every movement was focused and careful, he is like a machine. I saved over a thousand dollars using his services and would highly recommend him to everyone that has a car they care about.

He really cares about his customers and it shows.

I love serving the good people of south Florida.

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