Avoid Road Sharks

772-245-0227 – $70 Hourly Rate – ASE Certified Master Mechanic – 1 Year Warranty

Road Sharks – Con-Artists or Wannabee Mechanics who prey on unsuspecting motorists. They don’t fix your car right or charge way more than originally quoted, either way you end up paying more. They will take your money and/or ruin your car and leave you stranded. They are real and are everywhere in the world. The Treasure Coast is no exception. Beware of fly by night “mechanics” that don’t have an actual auto repair business, just because someone says they are a mechanic doesn’t mean they are, hire the best to work on your vehicle, hire an ASE Certified Master Mechanic with the proper training on how to work on today’s modern cars which means that they have the experience necessary to fix vehicles the right way. The ASE tests are like Doctor’s getting board certified, would you want a witch doctor treating you or a properly trained Doctor with modern skills?


Mobile Auto Service in Florida’s Treasure Coast area! – Affordable Rates, Very Reliable Service, ASE Certified, Professional Mechanic