772-245-0227 – $70 Hourly Rate – ASE Certified Master Mechanic  – 1 Year Warranty

One Year Warranty on All Repair work

Your car repair work is backed by a solid one year warranty not six months like the others

Upon request you will receive a professional invoice for your service records.

Quality Service & Affordable Prices

Make sure you are working with a well trained professional

Graduate of Wyotech which is the Best Automotive Training School in the World.

ASE Certified in all 8 Automobile Categories

Engine Repair
Suspension and Steering
Engine Performance
Manual Drive Train and Axles
Electrical/Electrical Systems
Heating & Air Conditioning
Automatic Trans/Transaxle

I have over 10 Years of Hands on Experience as a Mobile Mechanic.

I have been an Auto Mechanic for over 20 years.

Put your car in good hands & save money while doing so.

Don’t trust a mechanic that isn’t certified on what they are working on!!! If they didn’t care enough to learn and do the work to get certified, then it stands to reason that they won’t put forth the effort or do a quality job.

Factory trained from Honda, Chrysler, BMW & Land Rover.

I have over 100k invested in my automotive education in order to be one of the very best, because automotive knowledge is my passion. Compare that to someone that just “learned” by doing things the wrong way that didn’t devote their lives to the craft and just get by doing substandard work for people that don’t know better because they don’t know about auto repair (the school loans were paid off long ago, I used to make quite a bit at the dealerships) I chose to be an elite automotive technician, I’m an intelligent (IQ 165+) clean cut man that doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs.  There are few people with the dedication and love for automotive knowledge available for consumer vehicles. I have worked for various race teams and have done countless “Lemon” car cases for various dealerships on 5 different makes and models, basically the dealership techs and the regional technician both couldn’t figure it out, so they would fly me out to figure it out, because at least 9 times out of 10 I was able to figure out the problem and it was fixed and the vehicle given back to the now happy customer, the few times it didn’t work out that way was because the fix would cost more than the buyback so it wasn’t fixed, but instead sent to dismantler etc.

I care about your needs and also the needs of others in the Treasure Coast area, that is why 20% of what you pay is donated to needy families in the area, do some good for your car and the community, call me .

772-245-0227  $70 Hourly Rate – ASE Certified Master Mechanic – 1 Year Warranty

Mobile Auto Service in Florida’s Treasure Coast area! – Affordable Rates, Very Reliable Service, ASE Certified, Professional Mechanic